Scrappy Independent Artist-Powered Music Selling API

Vokoder offers a simple service for the independent artist.  If you are just getting going as a professional musician, Vokoder gives you your first e-commerce experience.  Artists can upload their music, share links to it, and then get paid for it as visitor’s purchase the artist’s content.  This service is so simple, it’s genius.  And selling music online has to beat standing on the corner in all kinds of weather playing for pocket change.

The API Documentation is a little thin.  Maybe that’s just more evidence of Vokoder’s independent street-cred.  Nothing wrong with being a little scrappy.  There is a wiki available for collaboration on the API experience.  It’s also just getting started.  One great aspect about this implementation is the current availability of a public API testing URL.  Take this search for love tracks as an example:

Vokoder looks like the independent developer incarnation of the IODA Open model, in which artists (or the labels that promote them) use the service directly to maintain their information and media with no middleman.   Clearly IODA is filling a need that exists out there, which means that Vokoder is heading in a promising direction.  Vokoder, as one of 112 Music APIs, could serve those artists that are even more independent in that they might not have a label.

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