Scratch API Allows Access to Its Creative Learning Data

Scratch, an online education Resource, has provided an upgrade to its API that allows developers better access to information from the website as well as new features. Scratch 2.0 is the second major version of the API, following on from Scratch 1.4, and improvements include a redesigned editor and website, allowing users to edit projects directly from their Web browsers as well as in offline editors.

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, and it provides a Platform for young people to learn the principles and tools involved in animation technology and Web development. It's a free-to-use, online creative learning community that allows children to program and share interactive media. They can create stories, games and animations, and share them with other people around the world.

Scratch 2.0 includes new features such as backdrop name block, backpack (for transporting sprites, costumes and scripts on a project-to-project basis), cloning sprites, cloud data, custom blocks (procedures, functions or methods in other programming languages), customizable user pages, following system, redesigned comment replies, sound editor, time blocks, username block, vector editor and bitmap editor, video sensing and zoom functionality. Scratch also indicates that more features will be available in the near future. These include cloud variables that can store strings, cloud lists, HTML5 player, scratch helpers, shapes Library and reporter custom blocks that make it possible to report numbers, text and booleans.

Further information and API documentation is available on the Scratch website.

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