Scrazzl API Provides Access to Research Product Information

Scrazzl, social discovery platform for research materials, offers the Scrazzl API which grants developers access to research product information. Scrazzl develops tools that enable scientists to make informed decisions about research products and connect with other scientists to solve technical problems.

Scrazzle CEO, David Kavanagh, explained:

"Our goal has always been to provide researchers with the most information possible so they can spend less time figuring out which product they need and more time on their research."

Scrazzl developed and brought its API offering to market after it was acquired by CompareNetworks and created scrazzle for Developers. CompareNetworks is a leading provider of media and platform products for health and science industries. The acquisition lent itself well to form a developer community and API offering.

The Scrazzl API uses HTTP protocol. Currently, users can query the API by digital object identifier (DOI) or Product Identifier. The returned data will include a list of product and article information mapped to the query. Currently, Scrazzl is developing additional biological and chemical identifiers. For more information, visit the developers site.

APIs have allowed anybody to add an eBay or Amazon search to a website or application. Why shouldn't research scientists have the same luxury when searching for needed research products? The Scrazzl API allows scientists to search based on research specific terms through relevant databases. This streamlines formerly manual tasks and allows scientists to focus on research itself.

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