Screenhero Offers Collaborative Screen Sharing via API

Screenhero exists purely to share your computer screen; with anyone, anywhere, anytime. As the Screenhero team describes on their website: "it's like Google Docs for any application on your computer." Additionally, Screenhero enables developers to integrate its screen sharing technology with any workflow or application via the Screenhero Web API. Screenhero commented on its vision:

"Great technology is going to be at the heart of fulfilling the vision of the distributed workforce. With Screenhero, we think we’ve taken the first step towards a tool designed to enable remote work in ways that weren’t possible (or were too annoying or painful) in the past."

Screenhero remains very young, but was created to solve a real life problem (kluge screen sharing) and it shows in Screenhero's design, simplicity, and adoption. In its short existence, Screenhero has adopted thousands of users (personal and business). Screenhero offers a truly collaborative experience, as multiple users enjoy mouse control over remote screens.

The Web API uses Javascript and returns calls in a JSON data format. Integration involves a three step process. First, copy and paste the code from the API site directly into a website of choice. Next, enter the email address of the user to be connected. Finally, update the CSS. For more information, visit the site.

True collaboration seems to remain a final barrier to truly effective remote work. Simple, effective technology like Screenhero might be the tool that allows companies to traverse this barrier. Try out Screenhero today and consider integrating its cutting edge screen sharing with an existing environment.

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