Seamless Delivers Food and an API

Seamless is a food ordering and delivery tool that connects buyers with sellers and takes a percentage of the sale. This alone is not a revolutionary idea; using the income that comes from sales commissions to avoid annoying advertisements that turn off users while collecting data on restaurants and eating habits is pretty smart. The goal is to leverage the data they are collecting and become a search Resource that can rival companies like Yelp. Seamless has partnered with over 9,500 restaurants in 45+ cities and has released the Seamless API to give developers a chance to explore Integration possibilities.

I decided to put the Seamless iPhone application to the test, but I wasn't hungry, so I figured why not see what delivery options would be available for President Obama. I opened the application and entered “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, 20500” and Seamless returned a list of restaurant options near The White House. I hope Mr. President is hungry:

Seamless also has Android, Blackberry, and iPad applications. The company’s API does not have Documentation that is publicly available, but you can request an API key here.

The Seamless API is one of 48 food APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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