Search Differently With the Jinni API

Semantic searching can retrieve results that surprise you, hopefully in a good way. So it seems like the natural means for discovery when you don't know what you want to find. Services like Jinni, a semantic discovery engine for movies and TV shows, is the perfect example. Jinni allows users to search for content based on, mood, genre, titles, or even plot. Once the search terms are input the Jinni Movie Genome takes over, popping out suggestions for movies and TV shows that hopefully you have not seen already. With the Jinni API the information returned by the company’s proprietary Movie Genome can be easily implemented into an existing sites design.

The Jinni API can provide content ranging from search functionality and smart suggestions to personal movie and TV recommendations. The SOAP API would be a great way to expand a sites movie and TV listings and expand user interaction.

The Jinni API is one of 333 search APIs in our directory.

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