Search Thousands of Movie Clips, Assuming You Can Get API Access

The self-proclaimed movie freaks behind MovieClips now have a Platform that could allow for some really fun mashups. Unfortunately, even the most basic Documentation is hidden behind an application form and a promise that "access to the API is granted only to approved partners."

MovieClips API application

It may be an exciting service based on details we can glean and this description from TechCrunch:

The site features more than 12,000 two-minute clips from the libraries of 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures. The company has also developed proprietary technology that assigns up to 1,000 points of data to every scene, making it super easy to find scenes by actor, film title, dialogue snippet, director, genre, etc.

The API has the potential for fun, legal mashups. For example, quote or "what happened next" quizzes. Do you want to play a game (see video embedded below)?

We don't know how selective MovieClips is being with letting developers into its API. However, making us explain our application before we really know what your platform can do is often a counter-productive obstacle to developer adoption.

If you can get in, let us know what you think. Video APIs have proved popular, but we only list a handful of movie APIs for feature film data.

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