Searchbox: Your Never-Lose-Anything Corporate Search Engine

Can you locate any public or internal document that is on the internet or your intranet throughout your company? Once you get past a certain size, the Searchbox REST API makes that possible through access to its search services via the cloud or onsite. The API indexes raw content from a variety of sources.

Searchbox is compatible with JSR-268 Portal standard popular with many corporations and is bundled to natively support the Liferay portal, Magnoia CMS and others.

The Apache Lucene Solr open-source search engine is at the core of Searchbox.

As Searchbox says, it can find anything anywhere:

"The information you want to access may be located in your intranet, emails, internal documents, shared drives. Or it may be located in the cloud (Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox). For Searchbox it doesn’t really matter, it indexes and consolidates them all."

Using its semantic search engine, it gives you related content, categorizes the results so you can zoom in on what is relevant which is a key component of finding your needle in the haystack, and generates keywords automatically. You can also filter using terms you create.

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