Searching for a Parking Space? Streetline Releases Free Basic API

People who drive in the city know that even if you make it to the restaurant on time, it can take another two or three circles around the block to find a parking spot. Streetline, a maker of smart parking solutions, wants to make that process easier. The company has just announced a free version of its ParkerData API with access to basic data on parking lots and garages in your area.

The basic version of the API includes locations, rates, policies and hours of operations for 20,000 parking lots in 400 cities across the U.S. The company is hoping developers will incorporate the API into a variety of websites, mobile apps, navigation systems and more.

"By making basic garage and lot parking data easily accessible and free, we believe we'll see some interesting ideas emerge for how parking data can be integrated into a variety of channels,” said Zia Yusuf, president and CEO of Streetline.

ParkerData is a RESTful API that returns both JSON and XML. While the basic data is free, programmers can access additional info through paid subscriptions. That info includes latitude and longitude coordinates of parking locations, the total number of parking spaces, rate data such as high and low price ranges and the types of payment a facility accepts.

Competition in the smart parking market is heating up. Earlier this year, Streetline received $25 million in Series C funding from True Ventures, Citi, and Qualcomm to go towards its smart parking products and applications. Competitors in the market include ParkMe and ParkWhiz, both of whom also have APIs on the market.

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