Seclore Adds Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK to Their Platform

Seclore, a company working to unify data-centric security solutions, announces the addition of the Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK to their Data Centric-Security Platform.

The Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK, a configurable cross-platform tool, enables rapid Integration of data-centric security with applications that run on end-users' devices including Endpoint DLP, eDiscovery, Data Classification, and Data Governance solutions.

Incorporating zero-trust data protection

The Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK is part of Seclore's open Data-Centric Security Platform. The Seclore Platform, featuring a robust collection of APIs and configurable tools, reduces the effort required for software solution providers and organizations to automatically add persistent, granular usage controls and tracking to information as it is discovered, downloaded, classified and shared.

"Solution providers can now rapidly incorporate zero-trust data protection for sensitive documents detected by DLP or eDiscovery on endpoints or network file shares," stated Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore. "The configurable nature of Seclore's Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK will enable solution providers to add value to their offerings in hours - without needing to engage developers."

Robust identity federation capability

Core capabilities of the Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK include:

  • Extend Data Protection Beyond Endpoint Solutions to Achieve Zero-Trust - Leveraging the Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK, documents can be automatically protected with persistent, granular usage controls as they are detected, discovered, and classified by endpoint solutions to ensure data protection and privacy wherever information travels.
  • Persistent, Dynamic Data Protection - By adding data-centric security, organizations will be able to control exactly what a recipient can do with a document (edit, print, copy), from where (device or IP address), and for how long. Document usage can also be remotely modified or revoked in real-time to address data privacy regulations further.
  • Integrated Auditing - All activities performed on protected files – whether inside or outside the enterprise network - are centrally logged. Email alerts on unauthorized usage attempts (e.g., someone tried to print a protected file) can also be configured. SIEM tools like Splunk and BI Analytics tools can also be integrated with Seclore to provide centralized auditing and compliance reporting.
  • Configurable to Speed Integration - Due to the configurable nature of the Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK, business analysts can add data-centric security to their offerings in a matter of hours.
  • Open by Design - Any application, device, file, cloud service can leverage the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform capabilities to easy development, deployment, and use.
  • Built-In Agent - Streamlined Deployment - The Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK comes built-in with the Seclore Agent, removing the need to ship the SDK separately on the endpoints.
  • Identity Federation - To ensure a seamless experience for the end-user, Seclore provides a robust Identity Federation capability. The result is that end users can authenticate using existing Identity and SSO solutions.

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