Seculert Updates API and Launches Elastic Sandbox

Recently, ProgrammableWeb reported on Seculert, its Advanced Threat Protection suite and the availability of its product line through the Seculert API. Yesterday, Seculert made two announcements that will both expand the use and capabilities of its ATP product line: the Elastic Sandbox and an updated API. The Sandbox allows users to run malware in isolated environments where a professional can analyze and track the malware’s progression. The API updates allow developers to better visualize calls and data manipulation. Seculert CTO, Aviv Raff, commented:

"With the new API console we will continue to simplify the lives of network security professionals; continuing our commitment to providing the best of our technology in the most intuitive and economic manner."

The Sandbox and API updates were both created to put better security tools in the hands of businesses and individuals who consistently fight new types of malware on a daily basis. Seculert is scheduled to appear at Black Hat 2013 this weekend and are sure to promote both updates as part of its pitch.

Seculert continues to focus on a no hardware, no software, cloud-based security solution that seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure. Both the Sandbox and the API updates further its purpose and put better tools in security professionals’ toolkits. Its attractive and successful strategy persists to win customers and investors as Seculert continues to make a name for itself in the security space.

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