Secure Messaging Fit For The Professionals - SWAT Uses ArmorText

ArmorText is an easy to use, secure texting application for android. Created by mobile security company Gryphn, the application is designed to replace a phone's native texting application, giving the user the ability to securely encrypt text messages.

One organization already benefiting from this service is the Abbeville SWAT team. The SWAT team needed a method of communication that could not be intercepted. Considering the amount of sensitive data they were dealing with, radio transmissions simply wouldn't do. Gryphn's product, ArmorText, was just the solution they needed. On September 18th, Gryphn was named one of this year’s most Innovative Startups for National Security by The Defense Innovation Network in Washington, DC. ArmorText was also endorsed as a secure messaging Platform. Prescott Paulin of the Defense Innovation Network said, “ArmorText is the only encrypted DRM-enabled solution we know of that can protect our member communications over standard mobile carrier networks in near-real-time.”

Here's what it can do:

  • Controls whether text messages can be saved by the recipient
  • Controls whether text messages can be forwarded by the recipient
  • Provides the option of turning security On and OFF with one touch
  • It is ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) ready
  • The Smart Predict Function automatically turns security ON to make sure secure conversations stay secure until the user decides otherwise

The team at Gryphn have been working on some additional features as well. These will include things like being able to control how long a text is available for and how many times that text message can be viewed.

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