SecureNet Debuts Single-Stack Payments API

SecureNet has released a new single Stack of APIs that can handle mobile, in-store and online transactions. The APIs are language-agnostic and support both Android and iOS for greater reach. SecureNet says the APIs should result in quicker Integration of payment services and shorten development cycles.

The key advantage presented by the single stack is that developers can avoid dealing with multiple vendors. This cuts down on lots of hassles that can drag down projects. The new APIs also offer end-to-end Encryption for card readers, PIN entry and signature capture devices, and secure card store in the SecureNet Vault for recurring billing. Some of the other benefits of the single-stack APIs are found in:

  • Allowing developers to integrate one set of APIs across all channels—point-of-sale, mobile and online; 
  • Allowing developers to use all contemporary development languages, including JSON, Ruby, Python, .Net, Java and PHP
  • Allowing developers to tokenize card data at the point of acceptance, ensuring that merchant servers don't touch customer card data;
  • Applying RESTful Web services architecture, allowing the Platform to be used for integration by any type of iOS or Android mobile application; and 
  • Instant Sandbox access with a new, developer-friendly Documentation center and Sample Code.

"We've heard from developers who are frustrated that their choices have been limited by the industry's legacy offerings. The developers we talk to don't want to choose between single-channel APIs that lack scalability and complex multi-channel APIs that require a time-intensive integration," said Brent Warrington, SecureNet CEO, in a prepared statement. "It's important to SecureNet to provide developers with a better solution that allows for any type of transaction in any environment through a single stack of APIs."
SecureNet targets merchants that want to capitalize on mobility and make it easier for customers to submit secure payments using their preferred method. The tools are scalable to businesses of all sizes and provide analytics so merchants can improve their offerings. 

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