Security Researcher Discovers Potential Brand Safety Scoring in Twitch's API

A self-purported cybersecurity expert has discovered a code-snippet in Twitch’s mobile application that seems to denote API updates that would allow the Platform to score users for brand safety concerns regarding advertising. This action would fall in line with the practices of other social media outlets.

Daylam Tayari, a cybersecurity student at Arizona State University, posted a screenshot of Twitch’s code to his Twitter account:

The image outlined standards for the “Brand Safety Score” that include the streamer’s age, ban history, affiliate/partner status, and auto-moderation usage. Youtube and others perform similar advertising moderation and the practice is considered commonplace by many. This is, however, the first time that we have seen Twitch implement such a strategy. 

Developers interested in learning more about Twitch’s API offering can check out our Twitch profile page for the streaming platform. 

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