See 911 Calls in Real Time

Use Seattle911, a Google Maps + mashup by John Eberly, to see what's going wrong where in Seattle right now. As John says:

I created the site because I was new to the area and found the live 911 data interesting. But I always found myself going back and forth between google maps and to figure out where each of the incidents was located. So, the idea struck me, why not try to hack together a little mashup using my favorite map application, google maps, and share it with the community.

A classic maps mashup.


Comments (2)

[...] Via the ProgrammableWeb: It’s another mashup with Google Maps, but who knew anybody could get 911 data in real time? Sure, it’s only for Seattle, and only their fire/EMS servers (no police), but technology wise, it’s cool. Kudos to Seattle, I guess. [...]


Why did remove the all-text version of the page? Now, the text can't be resized for easier viewing, and it takes longer to load because it's a jpg.