See the Price of That House You're Driving by with Zillow on iPhone

Zillow has released an application for iPhone users that Builds on their Zillow API, the Microsoft Virtual Earth API and the iPhone's GPS capabilities. The Zillow iPhone app detects your location and shows data about nearby homes, including market values, photos, and which ones are for sale. It's a great example of a mobile mashup app that uses multiple APIs in meaningful location-aware context.

Zillow iPhone App

John Cook at TechFlash talked to Zillow's COO Spencer Rascoff, who said that the reason it has taken a while for Zillow to release its iPhone app is that "it took a little while to get it right."  From the article:

... Rascoff said that Zillow's application goes much further than the competition, leveraging the phone's GPS functionality as well as its touch interface to allow users to move around the map with the swipe of a finger..Zillow's app also offers data on 95 percent of the homes in the country -- which means iPhone touting users can look up the value of a home or peruse interior photos of their neighbors' pad as they walk, drive or boat around the neighborhood.

The team at Zillow created the YouTube video embedded below that walks you through the app:

Real estate APIs are a popular category with developers. Last year we profiled this category in 7 Real Estate APIs: What Housing Crisis?. Since then more have been released, with 11 real estate APIs now available including the New York Times Real Estate API added just last month.

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