Seizing The Power Of Collaborative Knowledge: Deskarma API

The combined knowledge of an entire company's staff can be a powerful tool in productivity and moving forward. Many systems exist that aim to help businesses make knowledge sharing within an enterprise a streamlined process, but a lot of them may lack that 'something' that motivates the staff to actually participate. Deskarma is a knowledge sharing solution that also includes game mechanics and a scoring system that is aimed at motivating staff to get involved. The Deskarma API allows developers to use this functionality and integrate it with other applications.


Deskarma includes a variety of products that are aimed at motivating staff to share information, and helping businesses get the best out of their teams. The service allows users to find people within their organisation through profiles including contact details, a photograph and a short biography. Using this information, users can discover the capabilities of people within the organisation as they are tagged to certain topics according to their activities. Deskarma uses gamification to create a unique scoring and leader board system that tracks people, documents and topics to identify who stands out. It's also this gaming angle that motivates staff to take part and achieve accolades. The service also allows users to share documents and create communities and work groups that people can join to work collaboratively.

Deskarma can be integrated into a company's collaboration plans or into other applications via the API. Public Documentation is not currently available. Further information is available on Deskarma's website.

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