Seldon Predictive API makes Life Easier for Data Scientists

Seldon will soon release an open-source predictive API aiming to ease the demand on data scientists. The API makes it easy to apply multiple algorithms which can recommend content tailored to customers and offer app personalisation, as well as many other powerful features.

The company’s CEO, Alex Housley, is targeting businesses from small startups to multi-national corporations who want to implement predictive algorithms in their products.

"We help the world’s leading media and e-commerce companies leverage cutting edge big data technologies, machine learning algorithms, and social data, to provide the most intelligent solution for personalisation, recommendation and targeting," Seldon’s website says.

More businesses are embracing the role of in-house data scientists as they seek to differentiate themselves and provide a better end-user experience through personalisation. Tools like Seldon can make this process faster and simpler by removing the need to build entirely new algorithms.

Although having started life as a Foursquare rival in the UK in 2009 under the name “Rummble”, the company has undergone a complete re-brand and now offer their recommendation engine to third parties in a wider market. Aimed at media and e-commerce companies, Seldon is now available as a free self-hosted product, or as a paid, hosted cloud-based service. They are currently taking requests for their private beta, planning a staged rollout in early 2015.

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Seldon aids data scientists with predictive API