Sell The Benefits Of Solar With Clean Power Estimator's API

Clean Power Estimator is an online interactive tool that gives users a quick, high-level preview of the benefits they can achieve by installing a PV or solar thermal system. Businesses in this field can use this tool to sell the benefits of solar power to their website visitors, encouraging them to make contact and learn more. The Clean Power Estimator API makes this possible as it is available to be integrated into third party software applications.


Here's how it works:

  • The system requires a few simple inputs; things like zip code to specify location, bill amount, energy use and the like.
  • Using this information, Clean Power Estimator proceeds with a number of complex calculations based on factors including the irradiance, electric rates, incentives and load profiles for a specific location.
  • Within seconds the system generates a personalised summary of the energy, financial and environmental benefits for that location.

Clean Power Estimator is available via a customisable web interface and also provides a SOAP based web service API. Developers interested in accessing this data can request API documentation via a contact form on the website.

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