Sell Your Digital Goods Online with Instamojo

You’ve put the final touches on your ebook, and now you're looking for a convenient way to sell it online. Instamojo may have the answer. The company offers an out-of-the-box ecommerce solution that makes selling goods as easy as sharing a link. And now, with the recently launched Instamojo API, developers can easily integrate those services into their own third-party apps.

CEO and cofounder Sampad Swain got the idea for Instamojo three years ago when he needed a hassle-free way to sell a newsletter. He looked for a way to simplify online commerce with a focus on design, delivery and distribution. Two years later, Swain along with three others (Aditya Sengupta, Akash Gehani, Harshad Sharma) founded Instamojo.

Based in Mumbia, India, Instamojo was designed with the creative person in mind. It is not a marketplace, like ebay or Amazon, but rather a payment system for selling digital creations, such as reports, music, software, photos and more.

The process for selling via Instamojo is straightforward. Once you’ve added details to your offer, you simply put a price on it and then receive a unique link to share with your audience. Your buyer doesn’t have to jump through any checkout hoops. Instamajo handles the secure payments, processing and delivery. A notification lets you know when the transaction is complete.

Users do not have to pay set up, hosting or other fees. Instead, Instamojo pays 90 percent of the transaction once it is complete. The service works for anyone who has a PayPal account. But users in India require an Indian bank account as well.

The Instamojo API is currently available in beta. Interested developers should send an email to Instamojo requesting an app ID.

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