Semantinet Graphs Almost All Human Knowledge, Provides API

Semantinet’s slogan, “Information into knowledge” aptly describes their work.  Semantinet is building a giant information graph of people, places and concepts linked together by whichever relationships are detected from both structured and unstructured data sources on the web.  It’s a simple thing to describe, but the implications are profound.  This type of information technology is so much more powerful than a collection of articles that can be searched by keyword.  What we have here resembles how we imagine information and memories are stored in our own minds, and its available to be used in your own project through the Semantinet Knowledge Graph API.

Did you know that there is a project called DbPedia that is working to create structured data from Wikipedia articles?  That data is available in this API, as well LinkedData, YouTube, LastFm, Yahoo BOSS and YAGO.  The sheer amount of information created through the combination of these data sources is mind boggling.

Semantinet’s Knowledge Graph API (also called the HeadUp API) allows the developer not only to query the data, but to transform it using a set of pre-defined data manipulation functions.  The is RESTful and responds in XML or JSON.  If you identify yourself as a developer when visiting the Headup site, you’ll be sent straight to an API Sandbox where example queries are provided.  You can get your hands dirty right away.

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