Send More, Save More: Cost Effective Emailing With The Sendy API

Email newsletter campaigns are often a big part of a company's marketing strategy, and with that comes the costs involved. Sendy is a self-hosted email application that prides itself on being one hundred times cheaper than some other email services. The Sendy API makes this cost effective solution available to developers who may want to integrate the data into other applications.


Sendy allows users to send trackable emails via Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES). It's because of this that Sendy users are able to send authenticated bulk emails at a fraction of the price. For example, Mail Chimp's cost per 10 000 emails is $200, Campaign Monitor's cost per 10 000 emails is $105, while the Amazon SES cost per 10 000 emails is just $1.

The lower cost is due to the fact that Sendy is self-hosted and must be downloaded and installed on to the user's own server; not because it is lacking as a service. The features include everything from reports, subscriber and list management to custom fields and auto-responders; pretty much all the things you would expect from any email service.

The Sendy API is based on HTTP POST and current methods include importing and exporting email subscribers. More information is available on the Sendy website.

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