Sendbird Bolsters Healthcare Interaction Capabilities Via HIPAA Compliant APIs and Services

Earlier this year Sendbird debuted voice and video functionality for its in-app chat feature, today the company is announcing that the same APIs that make this possible are now HIPAA compliant. Additionally, Sendbird Desk, the company’s embeddable support feature for chat, social, and video has also achieved compliance.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) sets the standards for protecting sensitive patient data and ensures that complaint services are safe to use. By achieving HIPAA compliance Sendbird is enabling healthcare providers to use their products to better communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This announcement is especially timely given the increased demand for telemedicine capabilities across all of the healthcare industry.

Sendbird Calls voice and video APIsTrack this API enable developers to build robust in-app voice and video integrations that are tailored to a mobile-first approach. HIPAA Compliance further simplifies the process of integrating these features for healthcare providers. Sendbird Desk provides additional support for the healthcare industry by providing “an interface for support staff or care professionals to receive and respond to care requests in a productive fashion. With automated routing, the right support or care professional will be alerted so that patients always get the right expert helping them.”

Additionally, Sendbird has announced the addition of delivery receipts for its products, with the product announcement noting that:

“With delivery receipts, message senders do not have to second guess whether a message was delivered or not; they are free to move on to other conversations, or set up notifications or events based on the message delivery confirmation. Delivery receipts can improve user experiences and engagement within the application. Sendbird customers can turn on delivery receipts in a simple click from their dashboard. “

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