SendBird Enhances Chat Platform With New Features and APIs

SendBird, a provider of chat API services for mobile and web applications, today announced significant Platform additions designed to make chat easy and accessible to any tech-driven company, from ride-sharing services to marketplaces to online communities to dating apps.

With five billion people now accustomed to chatting on a messaging service on a regular basis, chat has become a must-have for modern tech-driven companies. On top of this, the API economy is gaining tremendous momentum globally as companies look to take advantage of high-quality solutions that enable them to go-to-market faster and at a lower total cost of ownership. With its latest enhancements and strong momentum, SendBird is well-positioned as the industry's most feature-rich, highly scalable chat API. Its latest enhancements will further its category leadership by making chat more accessible for mainstream businesses while ensuring trust and safety for all users through moderation, delivering an even more delightful User Experience, and facilitating engagement across users in different countries.

"We knew powerful moderation capabilities were a must-have before brand-conscious businesses would introduce chat into their app user experience," said SendBird CEO, John Kim. "Growth-oriented companies don't want to spend time building moderation features, in part because they are extremely difficult to do well and they are not flashy or exciting. The same goes for features like offline messaging, which is a hard engineering challenge to solve at scale. Our commitment as one of the pioneers of the API economy is to make powerful chat capabilities simple to incorporate into any app or service."

In addition to market-leading moderation capabilities, SendBird has also released several new features to better service global customers, including offline sync and on-demand translation of messages, and usability improvements to increase engagement and drive better business outcomes via chat.

Some of the new features include:

Moderation and Safety:

Image Moderation: For nearly every vertical-- especially communities, marketplaces, and dating apps, censoring unwanted graphic content, such as violence or nudity, and keeping a chat thread clean has never been easier. SendBird's new image moderation capabilities can be applied to both image files as well as URLs in the message.

RegEx Profanity Filter: With this new feature, moderators define patterns of regular expressions in user messages that they would like to intercept before they are delivered to the recipient. The objective is to limit the sharing of information that violates the terms of communication or service. For example, a marketplace might want to limit the exchange of phone numbers between buyers and sellers in a chat so that the transaction happens on the marketplace platform itself. The feature can be used to detect other patterns that have regular expressions as well.

GDPR API: SendBird is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and therefore developed a GDPR- compliant API to ensure that user data and privacy is protected at all times according to the industry's most stringent standards. This is one of many measures SendBird has taken in its commitment to privacy and security.

Moderation API: SendBird has developed an API to help customers extend the out of the box moderation capabilities already provided. This enables them to fully customize the moderation experience for administrators as well as have additional flexibility on how they report on moderation activities.

Global Customers:

Offline Sync: SendBird's offline synching capabilities cache messages locally during service interruption and ensure message delivery when the user goes back online. It's especially useful for apps with large user bases in countries with unpredictable service.

On-demand Translation: Translating messages on-the-fly is a game-changer for many marketplaces and applications. On-demand translation allows the user to translate only certain messages and complements the existing auto-translation feature that translates every message coming through the system.

Push Translation: With translation of push notifications customers can create end-to-end translation in the conversation.

Messaging User Experience:

Reactions: SendBird gives users the ability to add a reaction, such as a thumbs up or a smiley face, within its chat interface, making large scale chat feel similar to one-on-one or group texts with friends.

Full Text Search: To help users find specific content they are searching for within a thread, SendBird lets users conduct a keyword search, eliminating the process of having to scroll back through countless messages to find what they are looking for.

Delivery Receipts: This feature provides the ability to alert the sender when messages are successfully delivered. Delivery receipts help facilitate transactions in industries such as food delivery, ride sharing, and marketplaces.

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