Sendbird Expands Group Communication Offering With Updated Calls API

Sendbird has announced the release of updates to the Calls API that the company says will provide new group calls functionality for both voice and video integrations. This new capability joins Sendbird’s existing chat APIs and provides developers with the tools needed to build social integrations into new and existing applications. 

The Group Calls API is aimed at allowing developers to build the sort of applications that are needed in a world shaped by the pandemic: social, interactive, and instant. At launch, the API will support 25 users in an audio-only call and 6 users when video is on. The company notes intentions to expand these limits in the future.

Make sure to check out ProgrammableWeb's interview with Sendbird CEO and co-founder John Kim about the initial release of video functionality on Sendbird:

Sendbird has released several resources intended to help with onboarding for new and existing customers integrating the Calls API. Developers can check out the sample JavaScript application and download the corresponding Source Code over at GitHub

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