Sendbird Launches Announcements API for Seamless Messaging via Chat

Sendbird, a provider of chat, voice, and video APIs has launched a new Announcements API that is intended to allow developers to build tools for communicating with large user bases about promotional marketing and messages. This new API will allow for these messages to be seamlessly integrated into public and private group chats.

Sendbird hopes that by enabling in-chat messaging at scale their customers will be able to better communicate with end-users during the coronavirus pandemic. The way that people work and communicate has shifted fundamentally and these tools provide additional options for targeting users. Sendbird highlighted specific advantages of this kind of marketing: 

“Contrary to traditional push promotions sent via text or email, where an extremely high volume of messages must be sent and opened in order to generate sales, promotions that run inside a chat experience yield a near 100% open rate, particularly when placed in context.”

Additionally, the company hopes that this new tool will be beneficial to businesses that rely on chat functionality for internal communications. The announcement noted the example of the trucking industry which could rely on this API to communicate with drivers to provide essential updates. This example provides a great example of how an API like this could help streamline communication in an industry that has been greatly impacted by COVID-19. 

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