Sendbird Simplifies Access to Calls API via Self-Serve Portal

Earlier this year Sendbird, a market leader in APIs that support chat functionality, announced the Sendbird Calls APITrack this API to add Platform support for voice and video capabilities over IP. Since that time the company had been updating the API and has now announced a new self-service option for the Sendbird Calls APIs.

Back in April of this year, soon after the release of the Calls API, ProgrammableWeb spoke with Sendbird’s CEO and Co-Founder John Kim about the value of the new API. Kim noted that:

“... we launched Sendbird Calls very recently and we're really excited about this, because Sendbird Calls, enabling the voice and video calling capabilities over IP, has always been our vision and our roadmap since our Series A days which was about two and a half years ago. So we're really excited that we were finally able to deliver this, on this promise to the world and hopefully, we can continue to be that number one leading communication platform for voice calling and video calling capabilities as well.”

With today’s announcement of new self-service options for the API, Sendbird is prioritizing ease of access to the service in an effort to improve communication during a time that COVID-19 restrictions are leaving people feeling isolated. John Kim noted in the press release that:

“We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to add voice and video calling into their applications. We believe that by doing so, we can help each other through these unprecedented times with our humanity in check.”

Additionally, since the initial launch, Sendbird has added several key new features to the API including peer-to-peer calling, on-device photo capture, and device-side audio and video recording. Developers interested in the API can check out the full announcement of browse through ProgrammableWeb’s API profile.  

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