Sendible Helps Bypass Facebook Graph API V2 Restrictions

Online marketing service Sendible has announced a solution that allows users of their platform to get around some of the restrictions for third-party applications using Facebook’s Graph API v2. And since the social media giant is set to migrate all existing applications running on v1 of its Graph API to v2 on April 30, 2015, the news comes just in time for those engaging in social media marketing.

The method involves simply copying the Facebook Group ID in the browser location bar, then pasting that Group ID into the Facebook Group settings on the Sendible dashboard. While this doesn’t beat all of the new restrictions, the ability to post at least to public groups means that users can still interact with their groups from within the Sendible platform.

The updates in Graph API v2 include restricting third-party access to lists of users’ groups, and revoking the ability to post to private or closed groups. No other features for scheduling to Facebook are affected by the update. This means that milestones, cover photos, albums, pages, streams and posting to profiles all remain unchanged.

The deprecation of v1 and automatic migration to v2 will happen on April 30, 2015, and any applications still running on v1 on this date may risk losing functionality. Before being approved for v2, apps must undergo a Login Review process, so any developers who have not yet upgraded or submitted their applications for Login Review are strongly encouraged to begin the process immediately. Upgrading and submitting for Login Review can be performed in parallel, independently, or in either order.

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