SendWrite: Take the E Out of Email

SendWrite is a new service that allows you to send a real printed physical greeting card through its website.  Even better, you can send a card via the incredibly simple, RESTful SendWrite API.  There’s something magical about creating something in the real world through API calls.  I think the concept makes just about every programmer smile. SendWrite is one of at least four real world APIs in our directory, including ThanksThank Notes, a similar service.

Integration with a service that maintains mailing addresses for your online friends is a must.  In this age of digital interaction how often do you get someone’s physical address?  If speaking on the phone is old school compared to texting, how out of fashion is exchanging physical addresses?  If this service could be integrated with Facebook’s “send a happy birthday message” functionality, it could be hugely popular. Earlier this year Facebook reversed its decision to even let developers access the address of users who had provided permission to an application, let alone the users' friends.

Assuming we get past privacy concerns with proper security, it would be great to use offline services like SendWrite in connection with online services. If not Facebook, how aboutif you could send a real card to a Twitter username? Or heck, even integration with would be cool.

The SendWrite API documentation is fantastic, with example CURL commands for each API call.  There’s much to this API because it’s such a simple concept. I really like the spirit of this API and I’m hoping that we’ll see the service grow into a profitable businesses.

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