Sensetecnic WoTkit API: Ramping Up the Internet of Things

The Sensetonic WoTkit (Web of Things kit) API enables developers to integrate its "WoTkit" sensing Platform used to connect objects to the Internet. The idea extends to engaging "end users as ‘participatory sensors’, allowing our customers to offer new and revolutionary services." Sensetecnic's API joins a handful of at least 6 APIs related to the internet of things in our API directory.

The API documentation reveals both Applications with OAuth2 authorization and Keys with basic Authentication. Main topics covered include Sensors, Sensor descriptions, Sensor Fields, Sensor Data, Aggregated Data Renewal, Sensor control Channel, and API Features under development.
Features under development include user resources, log Polling for sensor and control streams, and a Websocket server to provide access to sensor and control data streams.

The company, which comes out of the University of British Columbia's MAGIC lab, gives two real-world application examples, Park Quest and City Impact.Park Quest aims to get youth out into parks with a series of real-world games and puzzles. City impact is for cities that want to crowd source data from residents to make the city smarter. City Impact uses both real world sensing and social networking. Both these examples were built using ST-Impact, one of Sensetecnic's two products. The other product is the WoTkit.

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