Senzari Introduces Music Graph Analytics and Intelligence Engine

Senzari, a leading music technology company, introduced MusicGraph. AI at the 2014 GraphLab Conference earlier this week in San Francisco. is described by Senzari as "the first web-based graph analytics and intelligence engine for the music industry." was created so users of the MusicGraph API could view detailed usage reports and manage their accounts. There will also be access to a comprehensive Library of music analytics and intelligence algorithms. incorporates Big Data technologies Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Spark and others. The Platform also utilizes GraphLab and GraphX as algorithmic engines which will be "divided in two distinct sets, Analytics and Intelligence," according to Senzari. Analytics will initially include PageRank, connected components and triangle counting, which are popular graph analytics algorithms. Intelligence utilizes Machine Learning techniques such as collaborative filtering, k-means and logistic regression, making it possible for MusicGraph API users to create enhanced music recommendation services, identify data anomalies and more. Senzari COO Demian Bellumio states in the press release:

"We believe will forever change the music intelligence industry, as it allows scientists to execute powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms at scale on a huge data-set without the need to write a single-line of code. In the coming weeks, Senzari’s MusicGraph API clients— which includes hundreds of companies, including streaming service providers, record labels, and music researchers—will be able to login, select the data they want, choose from dozens of proven algorithms and run them on an elastic computing environment with as many machines as they wish—all within just a few minutes."

Senzari has also launched a new site that features MusicGraph API demos such as MusicGraph App, Graph Search Bar, Similar Artists Visualization, Artist's Word Cloud Visualization, Artist's Social Visualization and more.

For more information about and the MusicGraph API, visit the official website.

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