Senzari Launches MusicGraph Platform and API

Senzari, a cutting-edge music technology company, has launched MusicGraph, a knowledge engine for music that is modeled after a semantic network and powered by an API with an architecture that is similar to Facebook Open Graph Protocol. Senzari has also released a MusicGraph API which allows developers to retrieve objects from the MusicGraph.

The MusicGraph music recommendation and data access engine contains over one billion facts organized to create a "rich music ontology" that includes detailed artist, album and song information, lyrical features, and hundreds of data points related to user preferences. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Demian Bellumio, COO of Senzari, who said that Senzari has spent the last two years working on semantically connecting the data. Bellumio said that the MusicGraph Platform also collects data in a "contextualized" manner, looking at where users are listening to music and what devices they are using (mobile, desktop computers, etc).


Image Credit: Senzari MusicGraph

The platform uses graph algorithms and Big Data technologies to create "large, distributed graphs, which contain detailed information of over twenty million songs, and are connected to millions of individual albums and artists across all genres." The MusicGraph platform is powered by an API with an architecture that is similar to the Facebook Open Graph Protocol and is designed to be essentially an "Open Graph of Music." The Open Graph Protocol was originally created and developed by Facebook and is a specification that makes it possible for developers to enable any web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

The MusicGraph API provides HTTP access allowing third-party applications to retrieve objects from the MusicGraph using REST API calls. The API features three main components:

  • Graph Search - Allows developers to integrate powerful music search language and the vast musical knowledge of Senzari into their applications.
  • Playlisting - Allows developers to build applications that create relevant and personalized playlists generated using Senzari's proprietary graph algorithms.
  • Musical Features - Allows programmatic access to the music meta-data and acoustic features collected by Senzari.

The MusicGraph API is offered in both a free developer model and a commercial licensing model. Bellumio told ProgrammableWeb that the MusicGraph API was designed for a wide audience which includes third-party app developers, popular digital music services like Spotify, and radio stations. The MusicGraph API is also capable of taking feedback from users, something that the MusicGraph platform encourages.

In order to help promote and encourage the use of the MusicGraph API by developers, Senzari plans on sponsoring hackathons in 2014. However, Bellumio said that hackathons are in the very early planning stages and there are no set dates yet.

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A few examples of applications that incorporate the MusicGraph platform include Wahwah and the MusicGraph Firefox App. Wahwah is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app developed by Senzari that uses the MusicGraph recommendation engine to provide users a personalized streaming internet radio experience across web and mobile platforms. Wahwah lets users find radio stations based on a location or activity such as running, driving, cycling, working out, etc. The Firefox App is the consumer version of MusicGraph which has been initially launched only on the Firefox OS platform and can be downloaded via the Firefox marketplace.

Bill Hajjar, CEO of Senzari, comments in the press release that:

"We are excited to see how the market responds to our approach, as such a level of data access has not been common in the music space. More importantly, we are pricing our API starting at $499 and increasing based on usage, which is at least ten times lower than market alternatives. This model allows our partners to clearly understand how their costs will scale, like they do with other components of their infrastructure, such as AWS and other cloud services."

For more information about the MusicGraph platform and API, visit

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