From SEO to Time Tracking - 7 New APIs

In our most recent summary of new APIs From Flight Times to Concert Tickets, we looked at the first 7 new APIs added to our web service directory last week (at an average of 2 new APIs per day). Continuing with this somewhat unusual mix of mostly smaller APIs, here's a rundown of the other 7 new APIs from this past week:

Wordsfinder Keywords ExtractorWordsfinder Keywords Extractor API: The WordsFinder Term Extraction API extracts search engine friendly keywords from HTML documents. It applies an intelligent weighting system to HTML elements and other on-page factors to determine what it thinks is a targeted term.

ProximicProximic API: The Proximic Publisher Program allows publishers to display ad units on their web sites, the ads being delivered by the Proximic advertising partners and contextually matching the content of their pages. Publishers can publish ad units and track the performances of their pages against days, URL referrers, ad unit formats, or ad groups. The Proximic Publisher API v1.0 Web Service gives software developers direct access to the basic and extended functions needed for contextual advertisement publishing and reporting purposes.

MixendoMixendo API: As they describe: "When you build your AJAX mashup application you are confronted with the browser enforced Same-origin Security Policy for the XMLHttpRequest object that forbids you to load a page from a different server than the one where your web application resides. The Mixendo Cross Domain XHR is designed to provide a transparent means to selectively enable Cross Domain XHR for your web applications."

mapmemapme API: provides tools to allow users to store and share their location history online. You can use it to share with your contacts places you visited on holiday or to show the path you ran in a marathon. There are many ways to update your location, including iPhone apps, via email and using the FireEagle API.

BViewBView API: BView is an "online community whose mission is to help others find good businesses and save money. UK local search API allowing matches across names, categories, locations, tags and discount vouchers." API Documentation available to registered developers only.

CiripCirip API: With Cirip and their API, you can create a network of friends and partners, and tell them what you are doing or working on through the Web, SMS or IM. You can embed photos, video and audio clips, and monitor RSS feeds.

Sherpa RomeoSherpa Romeo API: Sherpa provides open-access institutional research repositories for universities. The Sherpa Romeo API provides access to publishers' copyright and archiving policies. This service is maintained with support from JISC and the Wellcome Trust.

PaymoPaymo API: The Paymo time tracking service provides detailed reports on clients, projects and employees for time tracking across multiple projects and multiple team members. The API provides access to all Paymo features including managing users, projects, tasks, clients, entries, and companies.

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