The Sermon Browser API Joins 14 Other Bible APIs

The ProgrammableWeb API directory now includes 15 Bible APIs. With the majority of these APIs offering a verse lookup service, it is clear that developers have many options for retrieving this content. The Sermon Browser API is our latest addition to the directory and strives to offer an expansive collection of versions and languages of Bible text.

In a post on their forum, had this to say about what the API has to offer:

“...what if you don't wish to use the ESV, or if your website readers do not speak English? I'm therefore developing an API that will allow easy access to as many different versions and languages as possible. The whole Bible is available in 53 versions, the New Testament in a further 13, plus 4 editions of the Greek NT, 6 of the Hebrew Old Testament, and 2 of the LXX. Additionally, a handful of versions have smaller portions available.”

Looking over the list of versions provided by the API is impressive. The API is RESTful and returns data in XML format. Developers that are looking to provide Bible resources as part of a service should make sure to check out our complete list of Bible APIs.

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