Serve Up The Best API Cocktail in Sensis API Challenge

The Sensis API Challenge is back in July and this time with double the bounty offered. The first challenge that run through May 21 asked developers to create the ultimate Zombie App. The July Challenge wants developers to create the best API Cocktail, which means combine the Sensis API with as many complimentary APIs as you want.

The contest was announced at the blog and the last day was submissions is July 31st. The winning prize has been doubled this time to $5000. The contest is open to developers all over the world. The judging will be based on difficulty and utility. They are specifically looking at the number of APIs that you are able to integrate, the difficulty in integrating them and how useful the application especially daily use.

The Sensis API provides access to Australian business information, sources from Yellow and White Pages directories. Keep in mind that you will need to get the Sensis API Key by registering your application. Remember to use the phrase “shaken by not stirred” in your product description, as per the blog.

The blog post also provides a few ideas for applications that use a variety of APIs. One of them suggests combining SAPI + Wikipedia + Facebook + Quora to help people source deep background information on businesses.

It goes without saying that if you want to combine any other API, our directory lists 6400+ public APIs.