Service Objects’ DOTS NV2 API Helps Validate Contact Form Data

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In an effort to grow their businesses, companies of all sizes rely on contact data from hundreds of sources, including information from phone directories, census data, voter registration and rented mailing lists.
As companies dig deeper into external and internal Big Data, they run the risk of tarnishing their brand and wasting resources if the integrity of the name goes unchecked. When names are entered into databases, either by the customer or others, it is important that authentic, genuine and properly spelled names are identifiable.
Accurate name validation is complex because there are so many ways to spell a name, along with more eclectic name variations than in the past. In addition, social media sites allow anyone to enter a fake name without verification – names like Mickey Mantle, Coffee Drinker, Fred Flintstone and Mickey Mouse often are accepted without question.
The new DOTS Name Validation 2 (NV2) from Service Objects addresses the problem of bogus names within contact lists by using the latest research to allow businesses to weed out fraudulent names at the point-of-entry, building trust in online transactions.
Extensive tests are performed against the Service Objects proprietary database of millions of names for highly accurate results. Possible fraudulent names are flagged and an overall score is assigned to the contact, so businesses can make an informed decision on whether to enter it into their CRM system.
Geoffrey Grow, CEO of Service Objects, said, “We created the name validation category 11 years ago, and our latest name validation service is our best yet. We’ve added millions of first and last name pairs to increase match rates. Our goal is to make sure every name in every database is as accurate, genuine and up-to-date as it can be.”
The new NV2 service is offered in two different ways to validate – real time API to work with online forms and connected applications and batch file mode for large list processing.
Costing as little as one cent per name, NV2 is available now for a 30-day free trial at  For more information about NV2 and other Service Objects contact validation products, contact
About Service Objects
Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading provider of real-time data quality services. Its contact validation and location-based web services allow businesses to identify potentially fraudulent transactions, append additional contact information and process transactions in a more efficient manner. The Company works with major brands like American Express, LendingTree and Amazon; and it has validated over 1.7 billion contacts. For a full listing of contact validation products, visit

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