Service Objects Launches Address Detective

Service Objects, real-time contact validation service provider, announced its new product today: DOTS Address Detective. Address Detective examines incomplete address information and uses existing data to rectify and salvage the data. Given the data-crawling nature of the new product, Address Detective seems an excellent candidate to integrate via an API. To explore this concept, PW caught up with Service Objects CEO, Geoff Grow, to explore.

When asked if an API was available for Integration possibilities, Grow responded:

"Absolutely! 99% of all transactions we do use our real-time API.  DOTS Address Detective is compatible with all major programming languages including PHP, C#, and Java. Programmers can also output in JSON or XML using either REST, POST, GET or SOAP calls.  Since APIs are our core product offering, we provide Sample Code examples and a robust DOTS Address Detective Developers Guide to support the product."

The United States Postal Service recently conducted a study that found almost 7 billion pieces of mail each year fail to be delivered as a result of "Undeliverable-As-Addressed". 60% of such mail is discarded as waste. Thus, the potential impact of Address Detective is significant. With that in mind, Grow explained the target audience:

"Our contact validation APIs are designed by developers for developers   who need to enhance and correct contact information in their databases, systems, etc. Our target for DOTS Address Detective API is developers working to salvage and rectify addresses within their contact databases that would otherwise be undeliverable."

Service Objects already has a number of beta customers that have integrated and tested Address Detective. To better understand a potential use case, Grow gave the following example:

"Your company manages billing and collections for a large medical conglomerate. Your billing department sends out 50,000 invoices per month. You have already integrated an address verification tool that corrects and standardizes addresses coming into the database. The problem is that, still, at least 5% cannot be accurately validated and standardized to USPS regulations because a key element like house number is missing. So you have 2,500 invoices that can't be delivered.  This is where DOTS Address Detective steps in. Utilizing our proprietary name and phone databases, DOTS Address Detective will find the best address match for those 2,500 addresses records by using our proprietary name/phone database to augment address data and make it USPS compliant. Once the address is fixed it is then verified and standardized by our industry leading USPS CASS-Certified address validation engine. Each address is given a confidence score, which allows the developer the ability to accept high confidence matches or disregard lower confidence matches."

Service Objects currently sits as the industry leader of real-time validation contact services. With customers including the likes of American Express, LendingTree, Amazon, and more; Service Objects has already validated over 1.7 billion contacts. With that kind of success, we asked Grow how he will measure the success of its newest product:

"As with all of our contact validation APIs, we measure success based on how effectively we help our customers improve operating efficiencies and reduce waste. As we track how many transactions Address Detective processes and scores, we’ll be able to celebrate just how much undeliverable mail we are saving from the landfill!"

Service Objects has enjoyed significant success in its 10+ years. Grow is energized and clearly focused on the future. To conclude, Grow summarized Service Objects' mission:

"It's war on undeliverable mail for businesses. Our goal is to make sure that every record in every database is a accurate and up-to-date as it possibly as it can be. DOTS Address Detective uses Big Data to take address validation to whole new level."

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