Service Objects Launches API for Global Address Geo-Coordinate Data

Service Objects, a company that provides APIs for contact and customer data verification, has announced a new API that provides access to global geolocation data based on address. Specifically, the DOTS Address Geocode API provides both longitude and latitude coordinates.

Although the headline functionality is the APIs real-time geo-coordinate reporting, the company notes that developers can use the tool to access much more than this. The DOTS Address Geocode API also offers:

“Global addresses will also return the locality, admin area, postcode, country, and country ISO2 and ISO3. For US addresses, the results will include census tract, state and county FIPS, congress code and time zone. Address Geocode also outputs a URL that can be used with popular mapping tools for quick and easy mapping.”

The API returns this data in both XML and JSON formats. Service Objects has extensive documentation and developers can request an API key for a free trial here.

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