Service Objects Launches API for Online Address Verification

Contact validation company Service Objects launched the latest in its array of online tools this week. The DOTS Address Validation-US3 API automatically verifies, corrects and appends address information to contact data records in real time.

Businesses invest big money into online marketing. The problem is a lot of the customer data they collect is inaccurate, fraudulent or out-of-date. Website visitors are especially prone to entering inaccurate contact data. "Our goal at Service Objects is to help companies reduce waste associated with bad data," said Geoff Grow, CEO.

The DOTS Address Validation-US3 API leverages the USPS CASS certified address engine of over 165 million addresses to validate and cleanse addresses by correcting typos and filling in missing information. The API appends addresses with carrier route and barcode digits for easy sorting and delivery. It flags residential  residential addresses to calculate additional shipping charges. And it appends secondary suite information for businesses, and identifies area with general delivery services.

The DOTS Address Validation API supports both REST and SOAP and returns XML or JSON.

Service Objects customers include American Express, Lending Tree and Amazon. The company claims it has validated over 1.5 billion contacts since it was founded in 2001.

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