Service Objects releases helpful tools for telemarketers

As telemarketing is receiving additional government regulation, businesses need to apply stricter verification methods on their contacts. 

Service Objects, a leader in real-time contact verification and protection against fraud, has announced the new DOTS Geophone Plus 2, a real time reverse phone lookup service. Their API queries an up-to-date 400 million contact Library to verify customer data as well as Local Number Portability— a must have for telemarketers who want to avoid hefty fines for accidentally calling newly adopted mobile devices without prior consent, in accordance with new government legislation.

Geophone allows businesses to accurately identify who calls them by linking number to name, address, and more. Released in conjunction with their service/API, their white paper “Telephone Marketers Beware!” outlines the precautions necessary to ensure safe and secure telemarketing practices.

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Service Objects Launches New Real-Time Reverse Phone Lookup Service and Supporting Whitepaper Focused on Recent FCC Wireless Laws