Setting Trends with the Boutine API

Designers get a hassle-free Platform, stylists get to show off their talent and shoppers are spoiled for choice with a unique selection of the hottest trends. What's not to love? Boutine is an online fashion store for women's clothing that showcases trending pieces from emerging designers. Products include anything from party dresses and handbags to killer heels.

There are 3 ways the site works:

For the stylist

Those with a creative flair and a love for fashion can create a stylist account. The stylist runs their own store through the Boutine website, choosing stock from the list of designers products, creating unique collections and sharing these via social networks. Stylists earn 10% commission on all sales made.

For the designer

Emerging designers are provided with an online platform to sell their products, with Boutine taking care of all payment processing, marketing, web design, security and hosting.

For the shopper

Shoppers simply sign up for an account and can begin browsing through unique collections from the community of stylists. Users can also follow stylists they like and receive updates on collections and new products. Shipping is available worldwide.

The Boutine API uses REST calls issued in JSON format. It allows developers to create their own apps with access to all the site's user-product and collection related functions and information. More information is available on the Boutine website.

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