SF Chronicle Covers Mashups

In a story published yesterday, Era of the mash-ups Newest Web sites among Net's hottest phenomena, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Verne Kopytoff does a very good job of covering the mashup space (including some quotes from myself, so perhaps I'm a bit biased on this one). Key points include: there's no precise definition of exactly what a mashup is, they range from useful to frivolous, the connection to the Web 2.0 concepts of user-driven sharing/mixing, and how maps-based mashups are what have caught the public's eye. Some of these points were touched on by last week's AP mashup story but the angle and elaboration here round-out the picture.

A key part of the coverage concerned 'Added value' and the nascent business models and issues. Shared advertising revenue is the leading candidate. And then of course there's the open questions about ownership of the underlying content and how long will the source provide that data to the user. The case cited was the spat between Craigslist and Oodle in which Oodle was re-mixing and mapping more content than Craigslist executives approved. That story's not finished, for more see John Battelle's blog.

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