Shaken, Not Stirred: The Earthquake Data Portal API

The Earthquake Data Portal API provides event information in both SOAP and REST-style services. For SOAP, the information is provided in QuakeML format. For REST, information is in either QuakeML or JSON formats. Users can do Event Searches, review Latest Events and look at Event Details. Data on seismic waveforms and their velocity are also provided, including the ability to predict arrival times and locations after they have been detected. The API will identify the data providers within the Seismolink network.

The purpose of the Earthquake Data Portal is to render a broad range of publicly available earthquake data, principally centered on Europe and its surroundings and provide access for the research community.

The group also offers a series of client tools including Java Orfeus QUake Explorer (Joque) and the SeismoWeb Toolbox, a collection of Java and Matlab tools.

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