Share Entire Conversations With TweetVue's API

Some Twitter users may have, at some point, had the need to share a conversation or a string of tweets with other people, and would have been left frustrated with the discovery that there wasn't really a way to do that. This was the very frustration that fuelled the creation of TweetVue; a tool that makes it possible to share Twitter conversations with other people. In addition, TweetVue's API gives developers access to this data, allowing them to access and share these conversations.


A tool like TweetVue would be quite useful in instances where a user may need recaps of current events, recaps on specific conference tweets, to share conversations with friends who may not have otherwise been able to see those conversations, or even just for fun to see tweet conversations between celebrities. The tool allows users to put their name on a conversation, give that conversation a title and link it to a website if need be. In addition, users are able to easily add TweetVue to their bookmark bar for more convenience.


TweetVue's third party API makes it possible for developers' Twitter clients to send tweets to TweetVue and get backlinks to those tweets, essentially allowing clients to offer a conversation view and a way to share that conversation with others. It supports HTTP GET/POST calls and returns JSON or XML formatted responses. To access an API key and for for further API Documentation, developers can head to TweetVue's website.

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