Share Your Favorites

As noted in my initial post last month, one of the goals of this site is to build a collaborative technical community around Web 2.0 APIs. The latest of these features is now live: the new Share functionality allows you to directly contribute content including APIs, Examples, Mashups and Reference sites.

Using it is simple. Get there via the Share menu item above, or one of the Add Content links over on the left nav, or go directly from within each respective section. Contributions can be associated (tagged essentially, mostly under the covers, for now) with one or more appropriate APIs. This will soon be available as an RSS feed and a What's New type-page will give you a way to see the latest entries.

In order to make this easy to do there's no login requirement to participate. As an anti-spam precaution all posts will be moderated and should appear on the live site shortly after entry.

In the end the site should feel 'integrated' rather than a disparate set of features (blog vs. APIs vs. other). Let me know if you have comments or suggestions on this feature. There is more community functionality in the works.

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