Shared Count: A 6 Sided Popularity Metric API

If you are looking to display social networking statistics on your site, Shared Count just showed up with about the simplest tool you could ask for.  Given a URL, the Shared Count API will contact the APIs of Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon to retrieve their statistics.

Here is an example result from the API:


With these results you’re ready to incorporate social stats into your website or application.  You’ll be able to show your visitors that your content is popular on six different social networks.  Alternatively, you could Feed URLs into this API in search of which URLs are popular on the social networks.  Perhaps the greatest power here is in being able to determine the popularity other people’s web content. SharedCount certainly could be used to filter URLs, displaying only those that are extremely popular, or those that are as yet undiscovered.

This tool was developed by one man, and so give all the praise you want to Yahel Carmon on Twitter if it suits your fancy.  With nearly 400 other social APIs out there, sometimes it’s good to find one that has exactly what you want and nothing else.

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