ShareMyPlaylist Releases API Offering Developers Access to a Wealth of Spotify Playlists, Song Tracks and Metadata

ShareMyPlaylists, a Spotify playlist sharing site, has just announced the release of the ShareMyPlaylists API, allowing developers access to thousands of playlists, millions of song tracks and a wealth of playlist metadata.

ShareMyPlaylists Mashup

Image Credit: ShareMyPlaylists

ShareMyPlaylists is a free Resource for Spotify users to create and share playlists, discover new music, find song lyrics and more. The site also features music charts, recommendations and a playlist generator.

The ShareMyPlaylists API is RESTful and uses the GET method. All API calls require basic Authentication and data is returned in JSON format. According to the API Documentation, there are currently five types of data that can be accessed; Playlists, Artists, Tracks, News and Users.

Two mashup examples using the API have been created by the company; one of a dynamic mosaic of playlist artwork and another that displays the dynamic mosaic with top playlists, tracks and artists.

Developers interested in using the ShareMyPlaylists API must obtain API credentials by creating a ShareMyPlaylists account and requesting API access. Visit the API site for more information and to sign up for an account.

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