Shazam Stops Supporting Third Party SDKs on iOS

Shazam, song identification app, has removed support for almost all third party SDKs in its latest iOS update. The company was purchased by Apple last year, and it's common knowledge that Apple doesn't use many third party SDKs. From Apple's perspective, third party SDKs (for analytics, tracking, or otherwise) leak data that Apple would rather keep to itself. Further, Apple would rather rely on its own tools for these type features and functionality.

The company has not taken the same approach for Shazam on Android. In the latest update, Shazam did remove some SDKs for its Android app (e.g. Facebook Analytics, Google Maps, Fabric, etc.), but not nearly to the extent this took place on iOS. This could indicate that Apple might not have the same capacity to rely on its own tools in the Android space.

Stay tuned to see if more SDKs are removed over time on Android. On the iOS side of things, only one third party SDK remains: the HockeyApp. It's unclear why this SDK remains, but many expect it to be removed with the others in time. When Apple first acquired Shazam, Apple promised that it would keep the Android version, and ads would be removed from the app. These SDK removals are likely related to this roadmap. At the very least, Apple is certainly integrating Shazam into its ecosystem as an Apple product.

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