Sheeva.AI Launches API Platform for Vehicle Location Services

Sheeva.AI, an API-first technology company that is targeting the emerging in-vehicle commerce industry, has announced the launch of a new API Platform for vehicle location-based application development. The company hopes that existing mobile app developers will be able to leverage this platform to transform the automotive industry. 

The company’s press release outlined the role that this API platform is intended to play in the advancement of new automotive economies:

“Sheeva. AI's API platform serves as a programmatic interface to monitor and utilize real-time vehicle location to automate payments, trigger driver-centric contextual events, and streamline consumption of vehicle services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, tolls, and curbside retail. Taking a software-first and open API philosophy, Sheeva.AI created a technology to support any mobility-related service (known as Vehicle Location-Based Services, or VLBS for connected cars) through its open API platform.”

Parking payment is a potential use case that can easily be imagined. Increasingly cities are relying on mobile applications to allow drivers to pay for parking by relying on the driver to manually input a code into an application that corresponds with where the car will be parked. The driver then selects the length of time needed (within those pesky restrictions) and then pays the associated fee. But what if, and this just happened to me the other day, a driver forgets to check what zone they parked in before leaving their car. In my situation, I had to walk 10 blocks back to ensure that I paid for the proper location. I much more enjoyable process would be if this location determination was already handled for me automatically. 

Sheeva.AI is working to make these sorts of improvements possible by utilizing a proprietary location algorithm that the company claims is more accurate than what is possible by relying on standard mobile phone GPS. The announcement states that location can be determined “precisely enough to identify the car's location down to the gas pump, parking space, EV charging station, toll or drive-thru lane, etc.”