ShieldSquare API Identifies and Denies Malicious Bot Activity

ShieldSquare offers an API approach to protecting the online assets and content of its customers. The ShieldSquare product offering seeks out bot activity on Web properties and uses a series of mechanisms to determine if the bot is malicious or benign. Malicious bots can be denied access to the site, fed bad data or challenged with a CAPTCHA.

Founded in 2013, ShieldSquare has made significant strides in attracting enterprise users in India and Australia. ShieldSquare has enjoyed success in the local listing, search, real estate and automotive industries. Specific uses have fended off unfair competition, prevented spam and protected unique listings. ShieldSquare has now set its sites on expanding throughout the world with its unique approach.

The ShieldSquare RESTful API eliminates the need for users to deploy an appliance in-house. The API integrates with a user's Back-end tech Stack with the ShieldSquare Cloud Connector, and a simple JavaScript file is included on every page on the front end. After these two simple steps, a website can completely utilize ShieldSquare's proprietary algorithms and technology to build a fingerprint for every website visitor.

Website content and associated data represent valuable assets, not just for the website owner, but also for bad actors that can exploit such assets for monetary gain. In a matter of minutes, a malicious bot can scrape website data without the owner's awareness. ShieldSquare has built a proactive approach to identify and fend off such attacks.

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